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Writing a Research Proposal Workshop


Don't let an unpolished proposal hold you back from a research experience!

Your research proposal is the heart of your application. This workshop will teach you the basics of writing a successful proposal. Start early so that you have time to incorporate faculty feedback.


The Writing a Research Proposal Workshop is designed to help students prepare a strong, successful research proposal for their summer research fellowship applications. In 60 minutes, students will learn the basics of writing a research proposal, review previously funded proposals, and get answers to their questions.  

Some items covered include getting a headstart on defining their research question, developing a project plan, creating a realistic budget, and setting their project timeline.

** This workshop is to help students applying for the CURE Fellowships, Sustainability Summer Research Fellowships, and other funded summer research fellowships on-campus for Summer 2023.

Date:  WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1 //  5:15 PM 

Location: ZOOM