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Showcase to spotlight 500 students’ research

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 24, 2022) — This week more than 500 University of Kentucky undergraduates will converge for the 17th annual Showcase of Undergraduate Scholars. The showcase empowers undergraduates to share their research discoveries, ideas and creative works with the campus community and the public. This year’s Showcase of Undergraduate Scholars from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 26, in the Gatton Student Center Grand Ballroom, features 500 students and 330 presentations representing 66 disciplines and 18 colleges.

UK senior named prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholar

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 6, 2023)  Two University of Kentucky seniors — Kayli Bolton and Kayla Horne — interviewed this year for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, and Bolton was awarded one of only 23 Gates Cambridge Scholarships presented nationally to students hoping to pursue postgraduate study at the University of Cambridge in England.

Nina Monticello

Nina Monticello Senior, Psychology major Research Mentor: Dr. Michelle Martel   I enjoy research because.... "it gives me an opportunity to learn new skills, explore new interests, meet new people, and invest in my future."   How did you first get interested in undergraduate research at UK?

Hunter McCormick

Hunter McCormick Senior, Public Policy and Economics major Research Mentor: Dr. Cory Curl   I enjoy research because.... "I enjoy research because it provides me with the opportunity to delve deeper into complex economic and social issues, challenge my assumptions, and contribute to evidence-based solutions that have the potential to improve people's lives."   How did you first get interested in undergraduate research at UK?

Slane Steen

Slane Steen Junior, Psychology major and Neuroscience minor Research Mentor: Joshua Beckmann   I enjoy research because.... "It makes me feel like I am a part of something that will help people and change the future of drug misuse treatment."   How did you first get interested in undergraduate research at UK?

Alexis Cerise

Alexis Cerise Senior, Music Performance major Research Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Campbell   I enjoy research because.... "The possibilities are endless. You’re always able to take your research a step further, take a new spin on things, or include new elements that might not have been considered before. By the end, you’ve created something akin to a personal work of art."   How did you first get interested in undergraduate research at UK?

Sairakshitha Yalla

Sairakshitha Yalla Junior, Biology and Mathematics major Research Mentors: Dr. Hull and Dr. Manon   I enjoy research because.... "there is nothing more rewarding than discovering something for the very first time."   How did you first get interested in undergraduate research at UK?

CPH 395: A pathway for doing more practical research in public health and beyond

The University of Kentucky (UK) College of Public Health’s (CPH) undergraduate research program fosters student curiosity and development through mentored, self-directed work. Many students begin their research with CPH 395, Undergraduate Independent Studies in Public Health.

2 outstanding undergraduates selected for UK’s Beckman Scholars SUCCESS Program

LEXINGTON, Ky. (March 23, 2023) — Two undergraduates have been selected as recipients of the University of Kentucky’s Beckman Scholars Program, titled Scholars United by Chemistry: Cultivating Excellence through Science Stewardship (SUCCESS).

Johnna Warkentine

Johnna Warkentine Senior, Russian Studies and Linguistics major Research Mentor: Dr. Molly T. Blasing   I enjoy research because.... "It’s interesting to learn new things about the world."   How did you first get interested in undergraduate research at UK? "I heard that UK had recently acquired a collection of Russian language materials and my professor was looking for students to help organize these materials and conduct research on them."