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Rachel Gressick

Senior, Public Health major and a 2023 Substance Use Disorder RPA CURE Fellow 

Research Mentor: Dr. Carrie Oser

Supported by the Substance Use Disorder (SUPRA) Research Priority Area


How will this summer research fellowship support your research efforts?

“This fellowship has provided the funding and support necessary to devote a significant amoung of time and energy to reseach that I care about. While I also enjoy participating in research througout the school year, it can be difficult to put as much focus into projects as I would like due to classes, extra curriculars, and work.”


Why is research important?

“Our understanding of the world is based on findings that come from research.”


What advice would you give to other UK students thinking about doing research?

“Get involved early; it is a great opportunity to apply what you are learning in your classes and expand upon that knowledge. Research is one of the most important skills to have as a college student, and even in the job market.”