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Neo Nathoo

Junior, Neuroscience and Psychology major and a 2023 Neuroscience RPA CURE Fellow 

Research Mentor: Dr. Patrick Sullivan

Supported by the Neuroscience Research Priority Area


How will this summer research fellowship support your research efforts?

“I'm very thankful to be chosen for this fellowship because it helps to reduce the costs of my research. By working with my faculty research mentor, I hope to identify the core mechanisms of mitochondrial disfunction and its resulting inflammation reactions.”


Why is research important?

“My lab conducts studies about mitochondrial damage from traumatic brain injury, and this area of research is very important because it can lead to improvements of people who have sustained injuries that would be otherwise be permanent or life-threatening.”


What advice would you give to other UK students thinking about doing research?

“Make lots of friends and connections with professors that have research labs. Also, try to reach out to mentors that have areas of research that you are interested in. Most importantly, just keep trying and you'll find a lab that's most suited to you.”