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Chase Eastham

Major: Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology

Research Mentor: Dr. Peter Nagy


I enjoy research because.... "it helps me to better understand knowledge presented to me in lectures by allowing me to investigate phenomena in a hands-on way."


How did you first get interested in undergraduate research at UK?

"My career goal is to investigate the possibilities of viral-mediated gene therapy. Therefore, learning about conserved viral mechanisms of replication and evolution is relevant to my future aspirations."


How long have you been engaged in undergraduate research?

"I have been conducting research since the spring of my sophomore year."


What has been the most exciting aspect of your research so far?

"My research has taught me the importance of a growth mindset. It can be easy to become frustrated when hard work does not result in interpretable data. Thus, it may seem odd that my most exciting aspect of research has been when some fluorescently-tagged antiviral proteins wouldn’t photobleach. However, embracing the idea that the act of failing is much different than being a failure helps every mistake transform into an opportunity to learn. "


What advice would you give to other UK students thinking about doing research?

"I would advise other students to get involved no matter their major. Undergraduate research is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and begin to develop the ability to think with a scientific mindset."