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The following Colleges, Departments, Centers, and Programs will have representatives available to speak to students at the Fall 2022 Research + Creative Experience Expo:



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    Air Force Research Laboratory

    • Research Area/Interests:  STEM research


    Appalachian Center and App Studies 

    • Research Area/Interests:  Appalachian Studies Internship



    • Research Interests:  ChemCats is a branch of a national organization for any students of any major interested in chemistry.


    Center for Applied Energy Research

    • Research Area/Interests: Energy, carbon materials, concrete, cement, biofuels, solar energy, carbon electronics, electronics recycling


    Center for Clinical Translational Science (CCTS)

    • Research Area/Interests:  Clinical and translational research


    Center for Health Equity Transformation - SPARK Program

    • Research Area/Interests:  Health equity


    Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence

    • Research Area/Interests:  Second year students


    College of Agriculture - Center for Student Success

    • Research Area/Interests:   Varied, Representing All CAFE programs


    College of Agriculture - Bridge Scholars Program / Dietetics and Human Nutrition Research

    • Research Area/Interests:   Bridge Scholars Program, Dietetics and Human Nutrition research


    College of Agriculture - Plant Pathology

    • Research Area/Interests: Mycology, Virology, Bacteriology, Extension, Genomics, Symbioses, Infection, Resistance, Phylogeny, Systemic Acquired Resistance, and Ecology


    College of Arts & Sciences - Biology

    • Research Area/Interests: Biology (all areas)


    College of Arts & Sciences - Linguistics

    • Research Area/Interests: Language, Sociolinguistics, Phonetics, Discourse, Atlas


    College of Arts & Sciences - Physics and Astronomy

    • Research Area/Interests: Astrophysics, Nuclear, Condensed Matter, High Energy



        College of Communication and Information

        • Research Area/Interests: Communication, Information Science Technology


        College of Dentistry: Center for Oral Health Research

        • Research Area/Interests: Dentistry, Oral Health, Health Equity, Health Disparities, Integration of Oral and Overall Health


        College of Design

        • Research Area/Interests: Design, Interiors, Architecture, Historic preservation, Product design


        College of Medicine - Biomedical Research

        • Research Area/Interests: Biomedicine


        College of Medicine - Bioinformatics

        • Research Area/Interests: Bioinformatics, Pathology


        College of Medicine - Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics

        • Research Area/Interests: Microbiology, Immunology


        College of Nursing

        • Research Area/Interests: Nursing, Healthcare research


        College of Nursing - Behavioral Health Wellness Environments for Living and Learning (BH WELL)

        • Research Area/Interests: Behavioral health and wellness


        College of Pharmacy

        • Research Area/Interests: Pharmaceutical sciences


        Curiosity Fair

        • Research Interests: We are now accepting submissions for "Curiosity Stations" for the annual UK Curiosity Fair, Thursday, Oct 29, 4-6 PM. Students as well as faculty and staff are welcome to submit proposals to host a demo at the fair. The purpose of the Curiosity Fair is to highlight the role of curiosity in education, by inviting participants to engage in interactive demos from a variety of disciplines, from science to art to humanities. 


        Engineering - EduceLab: A Digital Restoration Initiative

        • Research Interests: EduceLab is a highly specialized heritage science laboratory expertly designed to provide data-intensive yet object-centric solutions to the most challenging problems in the study of cultural heritage. 


        Faculty Learning Community on eSports and Gaming

        • Research Interests: Gaming, Content creation,  Physical explorations



            Gatton College of Business and Economics

            • Research Area/Interests: Prosocial behavior


            Kentucky Geological Survey - Earth & Environmental Sciences

            • Research Area/Interests: Geological sciences


            Lewis Honors College

            • Research Interests:  Honors Thesis requirement - Thesis pipeline and coursework in Lewis Honors College, and a list of faculty our students have had success collaborating with.


            Markey Cancer Center

            • Research Area/Interests: Oncology, Cancer research


            Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

            • Research Area/Interests: Public policy


            Office of Nationally Competitive Awards

            • Interests: Assists students in applying for scholarships and fellowships funded by sources independent of the University of Kentucky. 


            Sanders Brown Center on Aging

            • Research Area/Interests: Geriatrics, Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, Healthy brain aging 


            Spinal Cord & Brain Injury Research Center / Neuroscience

            • Research Area/Interests: Neuroscience


            Sports Medicine Research Institute

            • Research Area/Interests: Sports medicine, Lower extremity joint injuries, Wearable technology, Performance


            UK Center for Appalachian Research in Environmental Sciences

            • Research Area/Interests: Environmental sciences (Medicine)


            UK Libraries

            • Research Area/Interests: Learning Lab, Science, General libraries


            UK Math Lab / Mathematics

            • Research Area/Interests: Mathematics


            Undergraduate Research Ambassadors

            • Interests: Promoting undergraduate research across disciplines and helping students connect with research opportunities. Promoting awards, workshops, and activities to support undergraduate research across the university.