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Proposal Format Requirements 

  1. 300 words minimum and 1000 words maximum (1-4 pages)

  2. Microsoft Word Document or PDF format

  3. Include the project title, your name, faculty sponsor's name, department and Research Priority Area in which the research is being done.


Writing Guidelines 

(The body of your proposal MUST provide a brief background along with the question you plan to address.) 

  1. What background information do have about the topic you will be studying?

  2. What role did you, the student, play in planning the project?

  3. What is the specific issue you will be addressing or question you will be asking?

  4. What methods will you use to perform your research or creative work?

  5. Will the project make a scholarly contribution to the discipline? If so, how?

  6. What do you expect to gain from the experience?

  7. What is the budget of your project? Budget worksheet template here.

  • ​​​Your faculty mentor should be able to help you provide a brief overview of costs associated with your research. Providing this budget does not mean you are required to use your monies for the direct purpose of the project.