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Showcase Day 2 Wednesday April 28

SESSION 5 | 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM








* students listed in the order of presentation



Laney Hudson

Jessica Houlihan

Mental Health and Alcohol Consumption in College Age Students


Emily Huff

Jessica Houlihan

HPV Vaccination and Gender


Chloe Johnston

Jessica Houlihan

Oral and Topical Vitamin C in College-Age Female Students Complexion


Haley Jones

Jessica Houlihan

Analyzing the Association Between the Standard American Diet and Alternative Diets on Joint Health in College Students


Margo Lawson

Jessica Houlihan

Consumption of Diet Drinks and Weight Status: A Cross-Sectional Study


Lillian Maxwell

Jessica Houlihan

The Effects of Dairy Consumption on Acne Severity


Thomas Payne

Jessica Houlihan

The Effect of COVID-19 on Taste and Smell of Young Adults


Ellie Ransdell

Jessica Houlihan

The Effect of Academic Stress on Added Sugar Intake in Undergraduate Students


Shaylla Shelton

Jessica Houlihan

Examining the Effects of Daily Fluid Intake on Sleep Quality in Adults


Lucinda Smith

Jessica Houlihan

Migraine Severity and Consumption of Common Trigger Foods


George Butros

Jessica Houlihan

Effects of JUUL E-cigarette on Memory and Attention among College Students.