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Showcase Day 2 Wednesday April 28

SESSION 4 | 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM








* students listed in the order of presentation




Alyssa Bickett  

Jessica Houlihan

Weight Fluctuation and Dietary Habits of Progressing College Students


Samantha Udarbe

Julie Plasencia

Jessica Houlihan

Assessing the Validity and Reliability of 24-hour Dietary Recalls Between Researchers of Varying Experience Levels


Sam Cundiff

Jessica Houlihan

Creatine Response with Varying Levels of Protein Intake: A Cross-Sectional Design


Jessica Durbin

Jessica Houlihan

Use of Dietary Supplements in Relation to BMI in College Students


Kotryna Dzekcioriute

Jessica Houlihan

The Effect of Gluten-Free Consumption on BMI in College Students


Susanna Goggans

Jessica Houlihan

Relationship between Fitness Tracking Devices and Compulsive Exercise Behaviors among College Students


Ava Gray

Jessica Houlihan

Daily Added Sugar and Oral Health in Undergraduate College Students


Mariah Meyers

Jessica Houlihan

How Can Gingivitis Effect Someone's Health and How Can Someone Prevent It?


Carrie Morrison

Jessica Houlihan

The Efficacy of Various Birth Controls on Hormonal Acne


Emily Hayes

Jessica Houlihan

Consumption of Cocoa Flavanol and Risk of Depression in College Students