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SESSION 3 | 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM








* students listed in the order of presentation


Courtney Martin

Nathan Vanderford

Investigating Cancer in Appalachia through Content Analysis of Oral History Interviews




Sydney Daniels

Lordina Mensah                     

Luke Bradley

Timothy Moyers

Michael Baker          

Using Data Sonification as a Molecular Biology Modeling and STEM Education Tool


Kayla Horne

Sydney Daniels

Andrea Hernandez

Emme Bradley

Taylor La Mantia

Luke Bradley

Timothy Moyers

Michael Baker 

Using Data Sonification to Demonstrate the Molecular Basis of Diseases


Lauren Collett

Nathan Vanderford   

Using Culturally-Focused Storytelling to Empower Appalachian Kentucky Youth to Understand and Address Cancer Disparities in Their Communities


Irena Antic

Analia Loria

Perivascular Adipose Tissue Media Explant Impairs Endothelial Function in Obese Mice Exposed to Early Life Stress is Fat Depot-Specific 


Cheyenne Chandler

Brett Spear

Characterization of Epididymal and Brown Fat in Zhx2- Knockout Mice On a High-Fat/High Cholesterol Diet


Frances Miller

Patrick Hannon

Ovulation is Inhibited by Exposure to an Environmentally Relevant Phthalate Mixture via Decreases in Angiogenic Factors in Mouse Antral Follicles In Vitro


Kenan Andre Flores

Jessica Blackburn

Methods in Determining the Efficacy of Novel Wnt Inhibitors Using the Zebrafish Model