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UGRAS suspended



Conducting research during the summer can be a transformative experience for undergraduate students as you put your skills to the test in labs, in the fields, in library collections, in art studios, and on the stage. 


Undergraduate Research Abroad Scholarships (UGRAS) are a collaborative effort between the Office of Undergraduate Research and Education Abroad to provide students across all disciplines with an international research opportunity to significantly enhance the quality of their research through collaboration with a faculty mentor abroad.    

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Education Abroad are pleased to offer a joint application for TWO summer research abroad scholarships.  NOTE: This program is dependent on UK's student travel policies due to COVID-19 impacting international travel.

Award Amount: $5,000 

Apply for Undergraduate Research Abroad Scholarship

Adventure awaits abroad with summer research! Are you currently doing research with a faculty mentor and want to conduct research internationally? Apply for an Undergraduate Research Abroad Scholarship.

Suspended for Summer 2021


Any full-time UK undergraduate student of any major who has completed at least 1 semester (preferably 2+) of research with a faculty mentor. The student also must be returning to UK in the following Fall Semester.  

Important Dates

  • Application Opens:  Suspended for Summer 2021

  • Application/Letters Deadline: Suspended for Summer 2021


  • Upload UK Faculty Letter of Recommendation HERE!

  • Upload Abroad Faculty Letter of Support Here!   

  • Decision Notification by Suspended for Summer 2021


Mid-Summer Update 

Due Date: Suspended for Summer 2021

Email Mid-Summer photos and captions to


Final Report

Report Deadline: Suspended for Summer 2021

Upload Report Here!


Summer Research Virtual Symposium (mandatory event)

Date: Suspended for Summer 2021

- Letters of Excuse will be available if this Symposium occurs during a class or lab. Please email to request an excuse (be sure to include the professor's name).

-  Please come prepared to briefly present the research you did over the summer (will not require a poster or PowerPoint presentation)


Application Guidelines

Please carefully read all of the information below before applying. 


Proposal Requirements

1. Personal Statement (350 words maximum) 

a) How this research experience will enhance your overall undergraduate experience

b) How this research experience will contribute to your career goals 


2. Project Summary (700 words maximum) 

(This is to be written by the student, although it is assumed the student will seek some guidance from his or her faculty mentor. This should be a separate document (Microsoft Word or PDF) uploaded into the space provided in the application form.)

a) Name and Contact Information of all parties involved

b) Project title 

c) Hypothesis 

d) Background and value of the current study 

e) Methods and goal of the research

f)  General Budget  ** Include the following mandatory fees: $50 UK EA Application fee, $448 In-state/$1,119 Out-of-State UK EAP 599 Tuition, and $135 Passport (if needed), $10.50/week Travel Medical Insurance


3. Letter of Recommendation from UK faculty mentor (2-page maximum)


4. Letter of support, written in English, from Abroad mentor stating his or her willingness to serve as a mentor on this project (2-page maximum)


Additional Requirements (if awarded) 

1. Enroll in EAP 599 for 1 credit 

Students must enroll in EAP 599 for 1 credit and will receive the credit upon completion of a final report of 4-6 pages. Students who receive the award must submit a Travel Registration application with the UK Education Abroad office for the term they will be abroad.  This application must be submitted no less than 6 weeks prior to departure. Students will be required to pay a $50 application fee, $100 administrative fee, and purchase travel medical insurance (via UK Education Abroad - $10.50/week). The mandatory Education Abroad fees (application fee, administrative fee, tuition for EAP 599, and cost of travel medical insurance) will be billed to the UK Student Billing Account.


2. Register for the international experience with UK Education Abroad

Per university regulations, all students conducting academic research projects abroad, whether a scholarship is received or not, are required to register the international experience with UK Education Abroad. All students participating in credit-bearing international academic experiences are eligible to apply for the UK Education Abroad Scholarship. Please contact the UK Education Abroad office for more details.


4. Submit Final Report by August 24, 2020 (guidelines here


Final Report Format and Guidelines

Report Deadline: August 24, 2020

Upload Report Here!


Format Requirments

1. 2-page minimum 4-page maximum (including graphics/pictures)

2. Microsoft Word Document or PDF

3. Include your name, your University of Kentucky faculty mentor's name, your abroad research mentor's name, the city and country in which the research took place, and the title of your project  

4. Include a statement and signature from your abroad research mentor indicating that they have reviewed and approved the report


Writing Guidelines

Your report should be directed at all readers, not just those in your particular field.

Although we would like to hear about the research conducted, we are most interested in your reflections on your experiences abroad.


1. Background Information

This may be similar to what you provided in your proposal.


2. Methodology

Was it carried out as originally planned? If not, why? How did you adjust for the change in plans?


3. Results

What sort of results did you see from your research and what can you conclude from them, and do they align with your hypothesis?  What are the implications of these results and where does this study go from here? What impact does this study have within the discipline, and how might it affect the real world? 


4. Most importantly, how did you benefit from your experience abroad? 

  • What did you learn about the culture of the country you visited? 
  • What did you experience while abroad that was most memorable? 
  • What was it like doing research in a foreign environment?  Were there noticeable differences in the field of research abroad than what you have experienced at the University of Kentucky? 
  • Was it more or less expensive than doing research in the United States?  This could relate not only to money, but human resources (e.g., your time or availability of research materials and resources).

Research Abroad Scholarship Fellows

2013 Research Abroad Fellows

Anil Erol, a mechanical engineering student, completed his project, "Determination of Permeable & Thermal Dispersion in a Porus Medium," in Turkey with the support of Dr. Haluk Karaca.


Holly Poore, a psychology student, completed her project, "Improving Learning from Text: Cognitive Factors in Knowledge Acquisition Through Reading," in the Netherlands with the support of Dr. Richard Milich.


Heidi Vollrath, a management and pre-vet student, completed her project, "Primates are All Brain and No Brawn: An Investigation into tissue trade-offs," in Spain with the support of Dr. Magdalena Muchlinski.

2014 Research Abroad Fellows

Tamas Nagy, a computer science and chemistry double major, completed his project, "Systems Biology of Rotavirus Infection: Inferring Functional Host-Virus Genetic Interactions by Mapping Cellular Response to Infection and RNAi Perturbation," in Switzerland under the mentorship of Lucas Pelkmans at the University of Zurich. Nagy's UK faculty mentor is Rebecca Dutch, professor of molecular and cellular biochemistry.

"I am honored and excited to receive this award; it will let me experience and contribute to a world-class systems biology lab over the summer," said Nagy, who is also a Singletary Scholar, Chellgren Fellow and in the Honors Program. "I intend to make good use of this grant to go and explore a field that I am very interested in and one that I am considering for graduate school. With this scholarship, UK is offering a very special opportunity to its students that is not available at most other Research 1 universities. In addition to providing its students with stellar research options locally; UK, through this scholarship, helps driven students to investigate new areas and ideas at other excellent institutions."


Alexis Thompson, an animal science major, completed her project, "Ideal level of slow release urea for dairy cows on a grass silage diet," in Brazil under the mentorship of Marcos Marcondes at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa. Thompson's UK faculty mentor is Jeffrey Bewley, assistant professor of animal and food sciences.

"I have been involved in research since I started at UK," said Thompson. "My overall goals for myself is to gain experience with how research is conducted in other countries and cultural differences of the world. This project lets me travel and achieve both of these goals. My future plans are to attend veterinary school and become a practicing veterinarian. The project influences my future plans by allowing me to understand and interpret research to provide the best services to my patients and strengthen my communication skills with my clients." 

2015 Research Abroad Fellows

Emily (Annie) Griggs, a Biology major, completed her project, “Temporal Predictability of Nectar: Does it differently influence aggression between two cloud forest hummingbird species?,” in Costa Rica with the mentorship of Dr. Alan Masters, the resident director of CIEE. Griggs’ UK Faculty mentor is Dr. David Westneat in the department of Biology.


Marcel Roman, a Political Science and International Studies major, completed his project, “Land Rights and Ethnic Politics in Fiji,” in Suva, Fiji. Roman’s UK Faculty mentor is Emily Beaulieu in the department of Political Science.

"The Research Abroad grant allowed me to get a sense of the difference between secondary source research and on-the-ground field research where I have the tools and capacity to develop my own original content. During my experience in Fiji, I was able to collect survey data, interview politicians and civil society leaders, and collect archival data that is unavailable online. The research process also engendered a large degree of self-reflexivity, where I learned to compensate for complications in my research design and how to facilitate ethical relationships with potential respondents --- skills that will assist me in further research endeavors during graduate school." 


Rebecca (Faith) VanMeter, a Psychology major, completed her project, “The Role of Emotional Support During Child Abuse Victim Interviews: Benefits for Disclosure and Evidence Gathering,” in Cambridge, England with the mentorship of Dr. Michael Lamb and Dr. Beth Ahern at the University of Cambridge. VanMeter’s UK Faculty mentor is Dr. Peggy Keller in the department of Psychology.

"Having the opportunity to conduct research at the University of Cambridge was life changing, both personally and for my future career. I was able to learn about myself and become a more independent person while simultaneously working with other researchers about topics that I was interested in. I developed a deeper understanding and passion for my research and made several really great memories and friends along the way!"

2016 Research Abroad Fellows

Holden Hemingway, a Biology major, completed his project, "Quinticeps? Investigating  a possible fifth head of the quadriceps femoris in non-human primates," in Scotland with the mentorship of Dr. Andrew Kitchener, the Principal Curator of Vertebrates in the Department of Natural Sciences at the National Museum of Scotland. Holden's UK faculty mentor is Dr. Magdalena Muchlinski in College of Medicine.


Alexander Parmley, an English and Philosophy major, completed his project, "Exploitation and Ecotourism: Documenting the Lives of Costa Rica's Indigenous Peoples," in Costa Rica with the mentorship of Carlos Herrera Bisbal with La Universidad EARTH. Parmley's UK faculty mentor is Professor Dan Howell in the English department.


Haley Reichenback, an Equine Science major, completed her project, "Feed Intake and Feeding Behavior of Cows at Calving," in Denmark with the mentorship of Dr. Lene Munksgaard with Aarhus University. Reichenback's UK faculty mentor is Dr. Jeffrey Bewley, a dairy professor with the College of Agriculture.


Jennifer Taylor, a Geography and Environmental and Sustainability Studies major, completed her project, "Analyzing the Gendered Governance and Livelihood Dimensions of Seaweed Produced in a Tanzanian Marine Protected Area," in Tanzania with the mentorship of her UK faculty mentor Dr. Betsy Beymer-Farris, an Assistant Professor in the Geography department.

2017 Research Abroad Fellows

Grant Forbes, a Physics and Philosophy major, completed his project, "Test Measurements for R&D of a Time Reversal Symmetry Experiment," in Japan under the mentorship of Professor Hirohiko Shimizu at the Nagoya University. Forbes' UK faculty mentor is Dr. Brad Plaster, an Assistant Professor in the Physics department.


Enrique Ortiz, a Fine Arts major, completed his project, "Music Education: An Evolving Entity," in France under the mentorship of Benoit Albert at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Toulouse. Ortiz's UK faculty mentor is Dr. Dieter Hennings in the College of Music. 


William Tan, a Finance and Accounting major, completed his project, "Impact of CSR on Perceptions, Motives and Financial Performance: A study of two countries of different culture and level of economic," in Malaysia under the mentorship of Dr. Alex Lee at the University of Hertfordshire. Tan's UK faculty mentor is Wendy Liu, a Senior Lecturer in Gatton College of Business and Economics.

2018 Research Abroad Fellows

Alex Wyllie, a Computer Science major, completed his project, "Influencing Voters in Social Networks," in Singapore under the mentorship of Professor Zinovi Rabinovich at the Nanyang Technological Institute. Wyllie's UK faculty mentor is Dr. Judy Goldsmith, a Professor of Computer Science in the College of Engineering.


Mary Margaret Zrull, a Music Education major, completed her project, "The Applications of French Language to Flute Playing," in Paris, France under the mentorship of Professor Jean Ferrandis at the École Normale de Musique de Paris/California State University Fullerton.  Zrull's UK faculty mentor is Dr. Julie Hibbs, an Assistant Professor of Flute in the School of Music.

2019 Research Abroad Fellows

Shelby Browning, a Chemical Engineering major, completed her project, "Trash to Tank:  A Low-Cost Solution to Plastic Waste Reduction Through Fuel Oil Production in Underdeveloped Regions," in Uganda under the mentorship of Professor Noble Banadda and her UK faculty mentor Dr. Jeffrey Seay at Makerere University. Dr. Seay is a Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering in the UK College of Engineering.


Darian Parker, a Mechanical Engineering major, completed his project, "Hydration of Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cement," in France under the mentorship of Professor Sandrine Gauffinet at the Université de Bourgogne.  Parker's UK faculty mentor is Tristana Duvallet, a Research Engineer Senior at the UK Center for Applied Energy Research.

2020 Research Abroad Fellows

Program cancelled for Summer 2020 due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.