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Embark on your journey of exploration today! We are here to talk with you to provide individual advising and help connect you with research opportunities. 

You don’t have to wait to graduate to make an impact. Discover what's wildly possible with undergraduate research!


UK Campus Research Opportunities

UK Center for Applied Energy Research

The University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy’s Research has a long tradition of fossil fuel research. While respecting that history, we recognize today’s constantly changing energy field. In order to respond to today and tomorrow’s needs, we strive to solve existing problems, while identifying potential future technologies.

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Biofuels & Environmental Catalysis

Clean Fuels & Chemicals

Materials Technologies

Organic Electronics

Power Generation


UK Center for Business and Economic Research

UK Center for Computational Science

UK Center for Equality and Social Justice (CESJ)

Go to Center for Equality and Social Justice (CESJ) website


Undergraduate Research Assistantships

CESJ solicits applications for Undergraduate Research funding from students, or student teams, who wish to conduct research with faculty guidance. Student projects should involve research, community engagement, or fieldwork related to the focus of the CESJ. Successful applicants will be matched with a faculty mentor who will supervise their work; those who have already identified a willing faculty mentor for their project should indicate so in their application materials. Successful applicants will receive scholarships in a lump sum in their student accounts in May 2020, applicable taxes will be withheld.

Funding details:

  • Three CESJ Undergraduate Research Assistantships will be awarded this funding cycle
  • Applications will be accepted from individuals or teams of students
  • Awards include up to a $3,000 stipend to offset research or fieldwork expenses
  • In addition, faculty mentors will receive a $1,000 stipend
  • These awards do not include tuition support

Proposals must include (team proposals should contain one cover letter, one research summary, and CVs for each applicant):

  • Cover letter indicating interest, relevant experience, project collaborators, and future career goals
  • CV
  • 500 words describing the research project and goals, including mention of how the research could impact the community or influence policies that promote social justice
  • Project timeline
  • A project budget is not necessary



UK Center for Poverty Research (UKCPR)

UK Center for Poverty Research (UKCPR)'s research informs evidence-based policy on the causes, consequences, and correlates of poverty, inequality, and food insecurity in the United States.

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UK College of Communication & Information

UK College of Nursing

Go to College of Nursing's Research Centers, Programs and Areas website


The College houses two extramurally funded research centers:

Perinatal Research and Wellness Center Research and Interventions for Cardiovascular Health (RICH) Heart Program Occupational and Rural Health Bridging Research Efforts and Advocacy Toward Health Environments Behavior Health and Wellness Environments for Living and Learning (BH WELL)

Other areas of focus:

  • Self-management of chronic illness (especially cardiopulmonary health issues/heart failure)
  • Tobacco policy
  • Injury prevention
  • Prevention of preterm birth
  • Health disparities and cancer control
  • Medication adherence
  • Family caregivers
  • Promoting health of persons with persons with persistent mental illness
  • Post-discharge nausea and vomiting
  • Adolescent health care provider communication during cancer treatment
  • Reproductive health of Hispanic women
  • Faith-based approaches to improving nutrition in Eastern Kentucky

UK Human Development Institute

HDI projects include evaluative components and opportunities for research.

Go to HDI's Research and Evaluation Projects

UK Libraries Special Collections Research Center Learning Lab

The Kentucky Water Resources Research Institute (KWRRI)

Emma Dalrymple Israel archeology research
Tom Shelton physics research
Quote_Gutierrez Soto_Research experience is one way to learn more about oneself and see the adventure that lies in the unknown. Research can be challenging and is supposed to be, because you are in the path of creating new knowledge; no matter how small, you are contributing and impacting the field.




Summer Research Opportunities

Amgen Scholars Summer Research Program - Science/Biotech

An Undergraduate Summer Research Program in Science and Biotechnology

Go to Amgen Scholars Program

UK College of Pharmacy Summer Research Opportunities

UK Office of Undergraduate Research

UK Psychology STAR: Summer Training in Alcohol Research